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Super Danganronpa 2: Nanami’s Goodbye Despair Quest more like ‘KomaHinaNami’ The Manga.
(I guess I’ll upload the HinaNami moments one of these days..Volume three was pretty full of them )

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Anonymous said: "Please come get me." nezushi please!


note: I wrote this in about an hour or two. I cried my heart out, and this is potentially one of the best things I feel I have written for the longest. I’m proud of it if nothing else. The prompt takes forever to show up, and it’s a bit deluded, but this is raw NezuShi.. 
word count: -5000
playlist: Daughter’s If You Leave album, specifically "Human" and "Tomorrow".

   The foundation of life itself is built around the philosophy of kill or be killed. It’s far from an abstract idea that life is governed by those desires deemed primitive, but lie within the hearts and minds of all creatures, humans included. And Shion wonders if Nezumi is like all the others, if he lives his life by this desire, and if so, has he taken the life of a hunter or the hunted. They weave through the trees, hand joined, and Nezumi turns back, laughter bursting free from his lungs, as they pass one of the markers stabbed into the earth. Shion shushes him, jerking Nezumi one way, only to be drug in the other, and they spin. Arms envelop him, and Nezumi puts a finger to his lips, back flush against one of the many strong oaks towering around them. He scans the darkness quietly, and Shion feels short, heated, breaths beating against his skin. They sync with the trained inhales as Nezumi continues his appraisal of the area, before he slips from in front of Shion, tugging him along by the hand.

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by くぜ※Permission to upload this was given by the artist


by くぜ
※Permission to upload this was given by the artist
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a tsun neku for all ur twewy needs!!

happy 7th anniversary, everyone!

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By: わか 

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